My Story

Barn & Butter is a homegrown, community-based initiative that reestablishes the connection between the hardworking organic farmer and the forward-thinking city dweller interested in reclaiming traditional kitchen culinary crafts to unlock the fullness of real food and place it, once again, at the center of our social relations

Growing up in Sonoma Valley surrounded by bountiful farmland, I experienced feasts of honest, nutritious, seasonally inspired foods as the center point of the family life.  It wasn’t until I ventured away from Sonoma that I understood that the majority of Americans don’t share this personal and pleasurable relationship with their food or have much knowledge of its origins.

Our fast food, cheap fix, supplement filled, vitamin laced, food culture doesn’t offer us many opportunities to make responsible food choice. And our busy lives make the prospect of preparing real food often seem overwhelming.

But it is never too late to build a sensible and positive relationship with food.  In doing so, we can support the future of food production in our country by supporting and encouraging small, sustainable farms, build awareness and inspire change.  This is essential for our own individual growth and transforming today’s food system into a positive, healing environment for all (I mean everything… the soil, the people, the animals, the plants, the skyline, the weather…)

These goals may sound daunting, but small, significant steps taken collectively will make a big impact.

After years of my own health quest (graduating from SDSU with a B.S. in Kinesiology, health programs, fitness careers, and courses in WISE traditions through Hawthorne University) a very simply and personal intention came to mind: to serve the spirit of the farm by sustaining and improving a family food tradition.  Hence it was time to remember a purpose woven deeply within and listen to what was calling.  I began selling my uncles organic, artisan dairy products at the San Diego Farmers Markets and was inspired by the enthusiasm and curiosity of the customers that soon become friends.

I realized the urgency in educating myself and my community in the potential to transform health through increased awareness of farm-fresh, nutrient dense foods and re-embrace a culinary tradition that supports these ideals.

After embarking on years of personal research into traditional food principles, engaging with chefs, farmers, and health professionals, and partaking in a good dose of play-time in the kitchen the philosophy of Barn & Butter was born.

 The simple principles behind Barn & Butter are:

Choose foods that support overall health

-Reconnect to sustainable, traceable, and traditionally sacred foods

-Breathe new life into our relationship with food by reestablishing the kitchen of the American home

-Reframe our national culinary tradition as a source of energy, vitality, stability, and most importantly pleasure

-Awaken to become creators of culture and companions of nature