The root of the word: BUTTER

Beloved Butter Believers,
What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” This commonly quoted Shakespeare line reminds us that the names of things do not matter, only what things really ‘are’. Now in the case of revealing the true nature of butter I have found that the name is utterly rooted in exactly what it is: BUTYR-ate. Butyrate or butyric acid is (without being to scientific) a short-chain saturated fatty acid. This organic acid is proven to be highly beneficial and butter is 3-4% butyrate, the richest known dietary source.
So in conjunction with naming our favorite therapeutic fat we applaud the supportive role butyrate plays in delivering the following health-giving credits:

  • anti-inflammatory effects (systemically & especially in the gut)
  • maintenance of the gut barrier integrity = effective & efficient immune system
  • lower heart attack risks and reduces progression of atherosclerosis
  • promotes energy expenditure and mitochondria function thus may be a fundamental controller of metabolism and heat production in the body
  • assists in bodies ability to handle stress
  • enhances cognitive function

Once again, in conclusion we find the story of butter to be one of healthfulness and exalt! So come out and join us in celebrating the honorable butter at your local farmers market. As many of you know we have been rejoicing in the new delicious cultured ghee made with Spring Hill butter but now I would like to highlight two other signature hand-crafted products made with Spring Hill butter and available locally

  1. Andrea’s Truffles: Andrea has fine-tuned her love for making truffles by adding the best butter in town (to her already superior sourced ingredient list). This dark truffle is a harmonious blend of Valrhona cocoa powder, unsalted Spring Hill butter, Spring Hill sour cream, dash of cognac then coated in Luker chocolate and sprinkled with sustainable harvested Celtic salt. The signature ganache center is unique, rich and is a melt in your mouth delight. We will have some samples available this weekend and upon request
  2. Prager Brothers: Louie and Clinton (the brothers) are revolutionizing the lost art of old world bread making and if you haven’t tried their hand-crafted natural leavened whole grain bread toasted with a hearty dose of salted butter… well you are simple missing out. Find their products at the farmers market and the Carlsbad bakery, where these two are serving up Spring Hill Cheese sandwiches and a special French inspired shortbread cookie called the Sable (my favorite!!!) made with the acclaimed, famed and glorious butter.

Cheers in shaping health with real, pleasurable food!
See you at the farmers markets,
Rachel & the cheese team