The Farm

Located in Sonoma County California, my Uncle Larry Peter started the Spring Hill dairy farm in 1987 and began producing cheese in 1998. Now, his farm is home to a herd of over 400 Jersey cows that provide the best quality cheese and butter to the farmers markets, specialty retail grocers, and restaurants throughout the state. Over the past quarter century, Uncle Larry has established a name synonymous with the highest quality dairy products as well as an authentic farm to table experience.

His pasture fed, sun bathing beautiful Jersey girls provide the milk for Spring Hill Jersey Cheese’s growing line of farmstead cheeses and butters. Smaller than Holsteins (the iconic black-and white-cow) Jersey cows produce a greater quality yield; the milk containing a higher concentration of butterfat and are therefore more nutrient dense. The result is an incomparable rich, creamy flavor.

Because of its low quantity yield, the Jersey cow is no longer common in most commercial diary operations. However Uncle Larry is committed to practice only the best in dairy farming which means sticking with the high-quality produce of the Jersey cow. His dedication in maintaining an ethical and dignified dairy farm comes from his upbringing on a small family farm, where he learned traditional farming practices, and allowed him to pursue his life-long dream, which he is proud to share with you.

Visitors are welcome any time to experience the tranquil surroundings, taste the freshest samples, and observe the cheese-making process first-hand, connecting with the earliest stages of food production in a way that has become lost in today’s fast-food culture. The best time to visit the farm is in the month of October, when the annual Peter Pumpkin Patch is in full bloom! The homemade Pumpkin ice cream alone is well worth the trip. Here is a short video about Spring Hill Farms to inspire your next real farm food adventure…