The Cheeses

This true farmstead cheddar is an American Cheese Society award winner. With a bright beginning, delicate buttery undertones, and a pleasant, lingering finish, it pairs perfectly with a Bear Republic Racer 5 India Pale Ale.

Creamy yet intense, rich and flavorful yet soft on the pallatte, this robust Cheddar has a unique flavor to behold. We recommend it for gourmet side dishes, and as a must-have ingredient in homemade sauces. A perfect compliment to a frosty Lagunitas Ale.

This aromatic cheddar hints at being the distant cousin of the Mature Blue Stilton, with a moist creaminess on the tongue revealing layers of full-bodied cheddary flavors. A noble accompaniment to Larson Family’s Pinot Noir.

Slow smoked mesquite and hickory compliment smoldering chile flavors and lead to a full cream finish. A younger Cheddar with smooth undertones, this buttery original pairs perfectly with a Valley of the Moon Barbera.

The bold beginning of this exquisite Cheddar bursts through slow smoked mesquite and hickory setting a new standard for smoked Cheddar excellence. Creamy, bright undertones make this cheese a perfect compliment to Benzinger Family’s Reserve Cabernet.

Organic pastures and a healthy herd allow this raw milk cheese to be uncompromised by heat treatment. Thousands of beneficial micro-organisms contribute to the distinguished flavor profile of this young Cheddar’s delicate buttery undertones.

The American Cheese Society winner leads with a buttery, creamy texture evolving to a soft and delicate finish. An exemplary cheese possessing unparallelled lightness, it is a perfect compliment to a chilled glass of Artessa Chardonnay.

Garlic emerges subtly from this buttery Jack, which finishes with delicate cream. The perfect melting cheese, it is unparallelled as the molten center of a canneloni recipe, served piping hot with a Robledo family Sauvignon Blanc.

The forward cream of this Jack tempers it’s fiery peppers, and evolves to a buttery finish hinting of chile. This brilliant Jack and Achadinha’s Smoked Summer Goat Sausage pair perfectly atop a homemade pizza and Kunde’s Zinfandel.

Aromas of organically nurtured basil, extra virgin olive oil, and pine kernels rise gently from buttery undertones of this vibrant Jack cheese. As the vivid centerpiece of hand-crafted lasagna, it is a perfect compliment to Italian cuisine.

A cherished double cream recipe combines buttery Jack with a creamy, elegant Colby to create a delicate original reminiscent of a semi-soft cheese. Tempting to adults and children alike as the reigning champion of all melting cheeses.

The caramel hints of slow smoked mesquite and hickory balance upon undertones of butter and cream creating a cheese unrivaled in taste and meltingly smooth on the tongue. Sublime with Sonoma-Cutrer Chardonnay.

Buttery flavors and a pungent, rustic aroma of this delicious farmstead cheese put Sonoma County on the map of gourmet cheese making. A hard, pale yellow interior is rubbed with cocoa, pepper, and olive oil to produce an elegant, subtle cheese.

This delicate pre-cursor to young cheddar is a newfound delicacy. With abstract natural shapes and an incredibly light, buttery texture, they can be enjoyed as a delicious snack, scrambled with eggs, or served up on salad. Simple and delicious.

Piquant garlic dances atop the incredibly light, buttery texture of delicate curds, adding yet another dimension to this fascinating fromage.

The biting pungency of a heralded spicy-sweet pepper recipe explodes atop a delicate, buttery foundation. This is the perfect snack, unparalleled in lightness and yet hearty enough to calm the fiercest appetite.

A German origination, fresh Quark has the butterfat content of yoghurt, the consistency and appeal of Crème fraîche, with a smooth, creamy, elegance. Perfect as a topping for crispy tarte flambées, delectable ice creams, cakes, and pies. Click here for nutrition information   *out of stock

A favorite among Chefs, fresh lemon essence interweaves into a delicate, fresh, “guiltless” cheese, creating an unparalleled addition to sweet or savory dishes. Dessert? Add fresh raspberries. A quick snack? Spread on top of lavender crostini.  *out of stock

Voted the #1 healthy dessert of 2009, Vanilla Bean Quark is a delicacy to behold. Light, fluffy, creamy, and yet containing the fat and calories of yoghurt, combine this fresh cheese with strawberries for “instant” cheesecake…without the guilt.  *out of stock

A savory take on a German origination, piquant garlic emerges gently from delicate cream, adding depth to one of the healthiest cheeses ever created. A perfect pairing with savory dishes, most notably atop a roasted rack of lamb. *out of stock