The “Butter” Solution

My San Diego cheese team is a family of like-minded cheese enthusiasts and promoters of the “real food” movement. Our aim is to educate consumers about true nutrition and debunk the myths that have led to many misconceptions about health. Part of this mission is to reinstate the value of butter (a fully saturated fat!) into our understanding of a healthy diet. As you might imagine selling butter as a health food at the markets raises some eye-brows and most definitely catches customers’ attention. But through one-on-one conversations and sparked awareness we have begun to open up the farmers market community to a new ideas of what it means to eat for both pleasure and health. You could say it’s A Butter Solution!

A common misconception suggests that nutritional fat equals or leads to bodily fat, although biologically speaking this is not the case. As a result butter and nutrient-rich, whole foods have been stuck with a bad name.

Barn & Butter provides resources to better understand the nutritional reality so we can inspire steps in eliminating the fake fats (margarine, Earth Balance, etc.) that have infiltrated our habits and confused our minds and ultimately purge them from our diets and kitchens.

Better yet, we offer Spring Hill Butter that will forever change the way you think about this traditional food. Experience the rich, surprisingly layered taste of our authentic, natural butter that will reawaken your taste buds and remind your senses how true food taste.

So come join us… a community of fun-loving pioneering leaders like you who know our lives can make a difference and are going back to the basics with a commitment to fuel our bodies and souls with only the most wholesome, natural, best-tasting foods. And what’s more fun than to rediscover the intrinsic potential of cheese and butter. In the process, we make a practice of seeking out and recognizing what makes our lives fulfilling and connected!

My all time favorite cheese is Goat Dry Jack with Peppercorn. Dry Jack is a Northern California’s version of a parmesan and this aged goat cheese brings me back to my Sonoma roots with every indulgent bite. It is a perfect finishing cheese for any dish and delightful with wine. The intermingling peppercorns signify an extra flare of power and flavor throughout a grounded nutty center of substance. Giving an overall balanced yet complex finish. This dry cheese can go about anywhere (doesn’t mind the heat), it’s personality well defined and yet accommodating. You will find me snacking on this cheese at the markets and stock holding a special reserve so I never go without. I feel connected and relate to this cheese in more ways than one with every extraordinary bite!

In my nearly two years with the cheese team, I’ve learned firsthand the necessity of education and empowerment when it comes to food, nutrition, and expressing my voice as a consumer. Experiencing markets from the other (vendor) side of the table has allowed for an enriched sense of community, a deeper connection with my food, and a greater value for real foods and those who produce them. I love sharing our cheeses and butters with people and observing first-time tasters’ reactions. The greatest (and most frequent) response is: “So this is what butter should taste like.” We agree.

My favorite cheese is the Goat White Cheddar. You may think this is just an ordinary cheddar, but that goat milk provides a richness and complexity that gets your attention. This is a feel-good, versatile cheese that’s a little sweet and a little nutty. Perfect on a summer’s eve with a handful of fresh blueberries and a glass of champagne.

Chris came to the cheese team in late 2010 and regularly works the La Jolla Open Aire Market. Concurrently, he is pursuing his M.S. in Ecology at SDSU. For Chris, his Spring Hill staple is simple salted butter. “Spring Hill’s European-Style Salted Butter is absolute insanity in all the right ways – slightly salty, sweet, creamy, rich, and decadent. Whether I’m cooking, baking, or just eating it on bread, there’s no way I would substitute it with anything else. It’s the best butter I’ve ever tasted.”

Vanessa is the newest addition to the Spring Hill team, having recently moved to San Diego from Alaska. She has always had a passion for organic culinary arts, and loves delighting friends and family with delicious meals. Having grown up experiencing “living off the land” on her family’s wilderness homestead in Alaska, she enjoys a unique small family farm perspective, and sees the beauty of how our family farms can enrich our community. Vanessa says: “Life would simply not be the same without the existence of Spring Hill Goat White Cheddar!”

I recently moved to San Diego from a small town in the high desert in search of alternative health & healing. Being a part of such an enlightened community of real food lovers was exactly what i needed to heal my past with processed foods. Being a purist at heart, i most associate with the Jersey RAW Yellow Cheddar. It has a complex sharpness with a creaminess & richness that reminds you what REAL cheese should taste like. Not to mention the fact that it is cheese in its most nutrient dense form!