The Butters

Produced from pasture grazed Jersey Cows, cultured, and fresh churned, this premium European-style butter has an 85% butterfat content. Lightly salted with Guérande, hand-harvested Celtic sea salt. One of the finest table butters on the planet.

Worthy of the French distinction “Appellation d’Origine Controlee” this European-Style cultured butter is produced from pasture grazed Jersey Cows and fresh churned, producing an the 85% butterfat content sought after by the most discerning pastry chefs.

French influenced, fresh-churned elegance duels with an age old southwestern recipie in this instant classic. Add a savory addition to sautes or spread for “instant garlic bread”. Overwhelmingly addictive and delicious.

Made with Meyer lemon zest and fresh shallots, this butter is perfect for seafood and veggies.  A divine, fresh butter that will inspire any dish.  Wonderful butter for sauteing and satisfying to the senses.

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