Summer Shape-UP

‘The sun is shining and weather is sweet’…

The summer season is warming up and already an abundance of ripe nectarous produce is on hand at the farmers markets. Seasonal shifts literally bear new fruits but also remind us that natural change gives us reason to diversify, adjust and perhaps even reframe our health goals. Futhermore, the heat of summer can aid to burn out any shadowy seasoned beliefs (or behaviors) so we can make more harmonious wholesome seasonal choices.

This season is a time to embrace transformation, follow Mother Nature’s direction and constantly seek to redefine what a healthy real food lifestyle looks like for YOU. Here are a few things to consider in your own journey of ‘re-shaping your health with real food!’

  • Nutritional science and education is fundamental to the natural health movement and there are numerous podcasts, blogs, experts out there to learn from. However problems arise when the focus is pinpointed on isolate nutrients or anti-nutrients and conflicting scientific based opinions disorient us from what the big picture of health is all about.
  • I will be the first to admit from time to time I catch myself peering through a “nutritional tunnel vision” frame and begin categorizing foods as good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory… And I have realized this is just not the case. Even the healthiest, organic, biodynamic foods out there do have a downside.

The point I’m making is this…

  • All foods have good and bad things in them (think of water and air they are essential for life but can be toxic in certain conditions). Plus we all come to life with different looking glasses and unique scope. So as we progress on our own personal health journey this summer remember the big picture is to listen to your body and see how it responds.
  • Make mindful decisions that embody balance, moderation, an enjoyment of what we eat, casting off the nutrition-fear blinders, and spending time doing what we love with those we love (in the sunshine). Real balanced health solutions appear when feelings of dissolution have been risked!

Upcoming Events to Shape-Up YOUR Summer…

  1. Sunday June 8th from 11-1pm: Hillcrest Farmers Market Tour & vegetarian seasonal luncheon. I have heard requests that a mini tour of the market and introduction to some of the organic farmers would be beneficial in supporting seamless honest real food decisions. If interested email me to reserve a spot or more info. We will walk the market together, meet farmers, awesome vendors and then enjoy a vegetarian lunch. *$40 (includes jar of ghee)
  2. Shop at your local Farmers Market. Visit us (the cheese enthusiasts) at the Spring Hill booth, sample cheese, try the butter, chat with us about health (beyond organic grass-fed dairy products) and bask in the sensational days of summer surrounded by like-minded individuals. We are here to motivate, stay open-minded and encourage a bright healthy path.
  3. Veg Out. Take a break and tantalize your taste buds with some simple earth grown summer meals. Here are my favorite summer vegetarian recipes that I like to cook up after markets. *YES it is true… I (the dairy queen) posted a dairy-free chocolate pudding recipes… which is amazing!

Thank you for choosing to join a culture that inspires healthy evolution and rooted in REAL food…this summer may we dive even deeper into the ever changing tide.

In light,

Rachel (& the cheese team)