As most of you know, I am deeply devoted to educating on the benefits of butter and expressing how satisfying this love affair can be!
Before I proceed I must highlight the following:  Grass fed, grass fed, grass fed!!  I am exclusively referring to butter from pastured animals, appropriately fed, naturally raised and happy (like my Uncle Larry’s cows).

At the markets (on my ‘soapbox’) my exuberance about the butter may be overwhelming… and I have A LOT to say even moving beyond the nutritional value associated with CLA, omega 3, vitamin K2, cholesterol and so on.  So I wanted to slow it all down and illuminate the basics of butter in hopes that the biased cultural view can be unleashed and a new found pleasure in this traditional, sacred and deeply nourishing food can uplift our lives.
  I.  Cream of the Crop 
First and foremost the origins of butter go way back, for millennia people from around the globe have prized butter for health benefits, used as a staple, and a symbol of purity.  Butter is an ancestral gem and only in the last 40 years (or so) been wrongly accused.  Not all butter is created equal so it is essential to keep in mind the traceability factor (in all our food for that matter) and keep aware of the driving cultural image of quantity over quality, big business monopolies, market manipulation and preconceived notion that can haze our true senses.
II.  Efficient Energy
Saturated fat is a stable building block and essential for all biological processes.  Butter is a rich source of vitamin A, D, E and K2 (fat-soluble vitamins) which are commonly deficient in today’s modern ‘food like’ substances.  These fat soluble vitamins will sustain your health and your ability to efficiently move, breath and live a fulfilling life.  So super charge your body, absorb more minerals, build muscle, think more clearly
and even increase your hydration by incorporating pastured, yellow rich butter.  Therefore by design our ability to focus our sight, set our mind, and radiate beauty from the inside out will root us into a new way of being with optimize health and energy.
III.  Nature’s Remedy
Really, it is quiet remarkable what mother nature had intended. Butter has a long list of healing properties.
Here are a few:
  • CLA: potent anti-cancerous agent & immune booster
  • Omega 3:  anti-inflammation = less disease
  • Cholesterol:  a multifaceted hormone that repairs cells
  • Lecithin:  assimilation & metabolism of cholesterol & fats
  • Lauric Acid:  anti-microbial properties = digestive health
  • Anti-Oxidants:  protect against free radical damage
  • Iodine:  benefits thyroid & mental health
  • Hormonal balance sustaining adrenal & reproductive system
IV.  Simple Pleasure
Basically, respect your inherent intuition!  Your body will tell you what you need and respond positively when we delight in the derivement of nourishment from natural foods.  Mother naturegave us senses to listen to NOW it is time to attune and get back in touch with your ‘inner intelligence’.  Butter just tastes good and when we can access this sense of complete satisfaction from food we will eliminate ‘other’ cravings and move on to our more
purposeful calling.
I am excited in everyones quest in well being and a new relationship with food.
Enjoy exploring the site and see you at the markets!