REAL FOOD: raw reasons

Good Day Real, Raw Foodies,

Thank YOU for relishing in the taste of real food, continuing to search it out in it’s most natural state and appreciating ALL the associated health benefits. When we demand the best quality food in our own lives we in turn are showing up as major contributors who covet for a kind of world that values nature, pleasure, sustainability and real food virtues!

Speaking of demands, the cheese team and I hear more and more requests, interest and desire in raw (unpasteurized) cheeses. Raw milk cheeses are illegal in many states however luckily in the state of California we have been permitted to produce but under very strict guidelines. So diligently we do what we can and I can’t promise that we will always have raw cheese but this weekend it is back!

As most of you know I enjoy sharing my passion in the nutritional value of food and restoring real food to its righteous place… so here is my self proclaimed expert opinion on why raw is awesome…

5 Raw Reasons

  1. Raw products are rich in nutrients and enzymes. Your body needs enzymes to properly digest, absorb, and make full use of it’s food. When milk from healthy pastured cows is turned to cheese and is NOT heated, these essential enzymes (plus nutrients and bacteria) are allowed to THRIVE, and it is these elements that actually help your body digest food properly, and turn it into the fuel it craves.
  2. Because they are easier to digest, raw cheese “feels” better. Notice how every once in a while (hopefully more and more often if you’re listening to me) your body feels amazing after you eat? That’s called “proper digestion” happening. Because of all the beneficial bacteria raw cheese allows for a clean, efficient digestion, which your body will respond positively to, sending happy, energetic signals to your brain!…And listen up my lactose intolerant friends… you can eat raw cheese!
  3. Superior taste…and flavor because you’re not burning the milk (commonly at temps between 161 and 275 degrees fahrenheit) you can notice subtle yet delicious differences with raw cheese, including hints of pasture, which food critics rave over.
  4. Fatty Acids and Fat Soluble Vitamins Raw cheeses in particular hold a delicate balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and contain the highest concentration of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.
  5. Support small farms that value real food.  Pasteurization laws are largely responsible for the decline of local, small farm production. Our obsession over dead fast food has contributed to the rise of controlling large industrial corporations…BOO.

So next time you see me ask about the RAW…the good stuff, eh?

Have a ‘raw’-some weekend!! 😉