Hunt. Gather. Love…

Dear Real Food Hunters and Huntress’!

The passion in your pursuit to be an active participant in the ‘farm to table’ scene is fundamental and noteworthy.

Each week I watch you literally hunt and gather your way through the Farmers Market discovering a deeper sense of self and collective ancestry we share. As we continue to get curious about responsible food production, sensible health, preventative measures, and reconnecting to the joy of eating real food take time to acknowledge that this is a process… a journey that will bring up questions, suspicion, and wonder.

Incorporating traditionally sound food into our modern urban culture is a step in the right direction but unfortunately in contrast to much of what current media fronts and fast-paced society emulates. Thank goodness we see past this productivity ‘junkie’ paradox nevertheless we are living in it and ever and again will need support from each other to simply slow down and listen to the primal wisdom within.

OKAY… now how can we access this intuition nutrition into our own lives?

Just BE and EAT what is true, authentic and real!

Your fully FAT saturated friend,


PS YOU must check out the radiant color of the butter this weekend (brightest burst of yellow I have seen in awhile)!!

  1. rain +
  2. rapidly growing green grass +
  3. happy jersey cows =

Gatekeeper of Spring is stirring….mother nature bearing gifts of her true divine essence