Golden Gift of Spring

It is a blessing to be part of the Farmers Market community as Spring sows all her wonder… enchanting and energizing us!
This time of year everyone is so joyous maybe because we are reminded of the blossoming beauty in nature, open to a new way of being in light and connect to a celebration of life. By being present and living in accordance to the shift of Spring automatically we have the ability to restore balance, detoxify naturally and trust in transformation.
So with this in mind, come join me as we rejoice in a butter whey of life especially NOW when the butter is GOLDEN, nutrient dense, micronutrient rich and divinely delicious! For those of you who haven’t yet experienced a mini tutorial (or interested in a refresher course) on WHY the butter has lately been glowing a bright sunny yellow I have put together a brief breakdown behind the golden gift of Spring.
Basically the story of real food is the story of energy. Remember back in grade school learning about photosynthesis… YES all those beautiful images (and lengthy equations) of how plants turn sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide into food and oxygen.
So what does photosynthesis have to do with butter?
Well, my uncle Larry’s Jersey cows are pastured (eating grass). When nature supplies it’s bounty of rain, sunlight, and the soil is rich in micronutrients, you get rapidly growing green grass…fibrous healthy plant material is the BEST diet for ruminant animals. Ruminant animals (like diary cows) can digest cellulose (while we can NOT) because they have a special bacteria living in their stomachs and a specific digestive process that allows them to re-chew their food to help break it down further… in fact 4 stomachs… WOW! Since cows have this power to access energy from grass and studies have shown that vitamin K is abundant in the chlorophyll, the pigment which makes a plant green we can make the K2 chlorophyll connection. Beta-carotene is another chlorophyll nutrient and we are more familiar with carotene for imparting an orange color to fruits and vegetables (think of a carrot… high beta-carotene content.)
Thus, the cream of grass-fed cows tends to have a more yellow or orange tint creating a vitamin K and A enriched fat with a high micronutrient content.
Thank you for taking the time to recognize and appreciate the value of the golden gift of butter. When the body has the tools to heal itself it will do remarkable things.
In health and happiness,