Cooking Classes

Reintroduce yourself to your kitchen and rediscover your relationship with food! Join us for a fun, informative cooking class where we get to know our ingredients, explore their origins and play in the kitchen. Unlocking the potential of food at its basic nutritional buoyancy and learning how to shape our health with real food we also build a supportive, sensible culinary culture.
Each class helps you develop a food strategy, plan ahead for your trip to the farmers market and know what to do with all the fresh ‘market goodies’ you bring home.Each 2-hour class will generally be held in the comfortable, spacious, newly remodeled kitchen at my home in North Park/Hillcrest area, but I’m happy to come to you as well.  Contact me to customize a class for a birthday party, kid friendly, family events, or just a creative adventure for your friend’s and loved ones.The cost is $50, which will be paid in advance to reserve your seat. Class size is limited to 6 participants, smaller groups will encourage an intimate setting so all your real food and nutrition questions can be expressed and addressed.  Recipes and specific class informative material will be provided along with Spring Hill cheese (& butter) platters throughout discussion to satisfy your appetite and stir your attention to the material being covered.For more information and any questions in unlocking the hidden abundance of real food and the endless capacity we hold to transform our cooking and shape health contact me at

Today’s preconceived notion that fat is “unhealthy” thus an attempt to avoid it will make you “healthy” is a big fat myth.  A struggle with weight and fear of fat is such a common experience now that we forget that this fat phobia is a more recent epidemic.  When you think about it, our grandmothers were not at the gym and counting grams of fat so why today are we consumed by the idea that fat makes us fat?  When in actuality cleaning up your diet by using the right fats can promote weight lose and essential for optimal health.  In this course we will investigate what a fat really is, the types of fats, which fats to eliminate, which fats to eat and how we can free ourselves of this obsession.  Traditional sacred and properly sourced fats are a highly concentrated nutrient and our ancestors have consumed with no evidence of obesity, diabetes or heart disease.  Full-fat diets can also be deeply satisfying and pleasurable while providing sustained energy so join us as we open to a new relationship with fats, reevaluate this mainstream fear and figure out the real truth about this honest macro-nutrient.
In addition to gaining a positive relationship with the good real fats sourced properly with natural proportions we will incorporate the fat facts of high heat cooking and create one  of the following dishes liberally.
  • Lightly herbed battered summer squash blossoms stuffed with sage cheddar and fried in coconut oil
  • Quick-Braised collard greens with bacon and sweet onion finished with goat dry jack with peppercorn
  • Summer inspired vegetables with lemon, thyme and butter basting sauce
  • bacon, avocado & arugula on grilled ciabatta with herb aioli
Join us as we explore the magic of milk crafting and making cheese at home.  There are a variety of milk products and cheeses that can be made at home using good quality milk, cheese cloth, and some enzymatic activity.  Cheese Making 101 is about expanding your dairy knowledge and learning the initial steps that set the foundation for a successful mold.  In this cheese course you will learn how to source the best quality milk, what coagulation is all about, hands on experience, cheese tasting, and creating some dishes with the cheese we produce.
Teaching the basics of curds and whey has us urban dwellers reconnecting to the lost rural past right here in our modern kitchens.  It is exciting to share how simple it can be to start making cheese and how deliciously endearing a dish can become from your authentic cheese creation.  The culture awaits YOU!
  • crème fraiche, paneer, fresh chevre and traditional whey ricotta
  • fresh mozzarella from cheese curds
  • roasted beets with radicchio, fresh herbed goat cheese chevre & pistachios on grilled ciabatta
  • rustic caprese salad made with home made mozzarella 
Learn how easy it is to lacto-ferment at home and the nutritional value attributed to this ancient practice.  This simple, fresh, magical kitchen craft is truly a transformational process.  Fermenting basically allows for millions, billions, gazillions of tiny microbial bacteria to eat away at a foods sugars which produces a food (or drink) that is deeply nourishing with a complex and unearthed flavor.