Butter WINS!

Seekers of Real Food,

The war on butter is over and BUTTER WINS! ¬†As conscious real food consumers we make every effort to discover…

  • true and accurate health information
  • unearth the most nutritious options for our respective needs
  • stay informed with honorable cutting-edge research

This week in a valued publication the anti-fat crusade that began in the 1950’s was finally defeated! The Ancel Keys study unfortunately influenced much of the culture to fear fat and grasp to a ‘war on butter’ idea stirring up reason why healthy households should swap out butter for margarine. Quickly mainstream media, proceed food industry and pharmaceuticals adopted this dogma and sent butter to the battlefield. However after decades of dispute, controversy and struggle we all now know butter won and it is exciting to see the rediscovered revelation in placing butter back on the table in this journal article.

The Wall Street Journal: Life & Culture

Thank YOU for shaping health with real food and supporting sustainable, sincere farms!

See you at the markets this weekend,

Rachel (and the cheese team)


P.S. This Sunday we celebrate Mothers… moms, grandmothers, aunts, godmothers, guardian women who embody endless love and the keepers of all the mysterious secrets for how to do just about everything (including spreading that heavy dose of butter).

Happy Mother’s Day!