Sunscreen to Sun-CREAM

We have learned that nutrition is not just limited to eating a real food diet alone yet encompasses the environment we choose to live in, the way we move, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the light we receive.

All elements of life playing an important role in bringing us back to balance in health.

Highlighting one healthy aspect here is the way we feel after moderately soaking up some sunshine generally we feel more energized, lifts the spirits, calms the nerves, actually lowers blood pressure, manages autoimmune diseases and simply improves the overall mood. Sunlight (in particular UVB rays) is by far the best form of vitamin D (specifically D3). In fact did you know we get (or should get) 90% of vitamin D requirement from casual sun exposure plus it is way safer than supplements because the nexium 40 mg body has the ability to regulate conversion of ultraviolet light into vitamin D so when we’ve had enough it shuts off production preventing toxicity.

NO wonder why they call vitamin D the sunshine vitamin!

NOW I want to make it clear that I’m NOT advocating hours in the sun without proper protection (ex. clothing/hat) where you end up with a sunburn, damaged skin, fatigue, dehydration and overheated anger issues. Again this is one of those times where we must listen to the inner intelligence of the body and practice personal moderation.

Over the years in my own health journey I have recognized a phenomenon in relationship to sun exposure. Since I started eating a REAL food diet (in particular WAY more healthy saturated fats… like grass-fed butter!) I am less likely to get sunburned and have developed a nice tan (for a blond, Irish/English, freckly, pitta type of gal). When your body is fueled with the right nutrients it just works better. Thus, in this example our skin produces more melanin (this is what makes us tan) to protect from the suns damaging rays while efficiently allowing to still absorb the precise amount of the powerful suns energy carried by the light.

Today, in the US, vitamin D deficiency is an epidemic. Overall sun avoidance combined with slathering on the sunscreen definitely blocks the body’s ability to produce vitamin D naturally.

Could this mainstream dogma be doing more harm than good?

We know that vitamin D works synergistically with vitamin A and K2, we know that it is a fat-soluble vitamin, actually to be real specific it is a hormone. There is no secret that it pays an important role in bone/teeth health, immune system robostness, calcium (phosphorous & insulin too) metabolism, muscular function and preventative against disease.

So in my opinion for optimal health and happiness soak up a few minutes of sunlight and make sure to eat organic, pasture-fed yellow butter from our Spring Hill jersey cows to get amble amounts of vitamin D (without any concern of toxicity).

Slathering on the ‘butter’ sun-cream,
Rachel 😉

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