A butter resolution

Happy New Year!

In addition to January being the most extraordinary month to live in Southern California it is also a timeless moment through which time it self becomes renewed.  There is energy in the air as the new year settles in, a radiance as light returns and the magic of limitless possibility.

I feel excited, awakened… and honestly utterly zealous!  My mind is swirling with so many ideas on how to continue to share my ‘foodie’ lifestyle with you and restore a sense of ancestral wisdom in your kitchen.

Well just by being a part of the farmers market scene you are taking a step towards health and allowing yourself to be present to the beautiful dawn of this new age of food… so thank you for caring about organic, artisanal, local, real food…especially the cheese & butter!

It’s funny because most people would not associate full fatty foods with New Years Resolution… but I DO and you should consider. This year I will redefine nutrition and it’s all about the butter! Like most of you have heard, ‘the cheese is good but the butter will change your life!’

By saying YES to butter (Spring Hill butter from healthy jersey cows eating green grass and enjoying sunshine!) we say YES to SUSTAINABILITY. So ring and sing in this New Year by changing your perspective, being open and most definitely eliminating those diets and detox’s steered by big business market manipulation and modern culture quick fix mentality.

Instead bask in the blissfulness of a sacred traditional food…


Well if I haven’t lost you by now… contemplate the positive benefits.  Honestly I have done the work and research to know this is true and opens the doors to a renewed you!

So if you are still interested in joining my butter ‘bandwagon’ it will be a fun journey and you’ll have to trust me here.

SIMPLE Steps to jump on board:

  • ask me anything at the market, specific questions on your own health needs, use me as a saturated fat/sacred food resource.
  • let me help you clean out your kitchen and renew… think kitchen coach.
  • watch for further reports available at the cheese stand regarding latest info on nutrient dense foods and living in optimized health.
  • Check out my recent ‘MOLD School’ write up and lets get you crafting cheese in your kitchen with friends.

Your butter lovin’ advocate,