A butter decision

Hi Real Food Folks,

TIME magazine, a well recognized and respected publication printed a advantageous cover story that aligns with the better butter message we all believe in. If you have yet to see Junes edition and front page message here is a link that you will surely appreciate EAT BUTTER and the article ‘Ending the War on Fat’, and the Truth about Fat video.

Over the past 50 years the nutritional science story that saturated fats are unhealthy has been deeply seeded. Thus the collective conversation tends to think of it (the fat story) more as common sense than simply a scientific hypothesis. However this lipid hypothesis has been created by one ambitious man (Dr. Ancel Keys) determined to steer his theory forward. It is reassuring to see that on a larger scale we are going through a period of unlearning (the lipid hypothesis) and reestablishing better decisions based on real honest research that has our well-being and the health of our future in mind.

As I touched on in my previous broadcast there is limitless information out there (internet) and many paths to the road of health. But my advise… being on my own constantly evolving personal journey of REAL food progression… is to ask yourself… what is vital for you in participating in life to it’s truest and fullest?

Happy holistic grazing!