Butter = FOOD for THOUGHT

As we welcome in the ‘back to school’ fall season there is something that I’ve been mulling over, pondering and mentally digesting … the effects of butter on the brain.

This warrants serious consideration!

In past emails and/or at the farmers markets you may have heard that a daily dose of butter can have a positive effect on cognitive function. Now is an appropriate time to centerpiece WHY and place organic, grass-fed, yellow nutrient dense butter (like Spring Hill) back at the center of your table.


Over 65% of the brain is comprised of saturated fat. Fat is the most efficient fuel and energy source. Fat is the foundation in which we rebuild, restore and protect.

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Sunscreen to Sun-CREAM

We have learned that nutrition is not just limited to eating a real food diet alone yet encompasses the environment we choose to live in, the way we move, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the light we receive.

All elements of life playing an important role in bringing us back to balance in health.

Highlighting one healthy aspect here is the way we feel after moderately soaking up some sunshine generally we feel more energized, lifts the spirits, calms the nerves, actually lowers blood pressure, manages autoimmune diseases and simply improves the overall mood. Sunlight (in particular UVB rays) is by far the best form of vitamin D (specifically D3). In fact did you know we get (or should get) 90% of vitamin D requirement from casual sun exposure plus it is way safer than supplements because the nexium 40 mg body has the ability to regulate conversion of ultraviolet light into vitamin D so when we’ve had enough it shuts off production preventing toxicity.

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A butter decision

Hi Real Food Folks,

TIME magazine, a well recognized and respected publication printed a advantageous cover story that aligns with the better butter message we all believe in. If you have yet to see Junes edition and front page message here is a link that you will surely appreciate EAT BUTTER and the article ‘Ending the War on Fat’, and the Truth about Fat video.

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Summer Shape-UP

‘The sun is shining and weather is sweet’…

The summer season is warming up and already an abundance of ripe nectarous produce is on hand at the farmers markets. Seasonal shifts literally bear new fruits but also remind us that natural change gives us reason to diversify, adjust and perhaps even reframe our health goals. Futhermore, the heat of summer can aid to burn out any shadowy seasoned beliefs (or behaviors) so we can make more harmonious wholesome seasonal choices.

This season is a time to embrace transformation, follow Mother Nature’s direction and constantly seek to redefine what a healthy real food lifestyle looks like for YOU. Here are a few things to consider in your own journey of ‘re-shaping your health with real food!’

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Butter WINS!

Seekers of Real Food,

The war on butter is over and BUTTER WINS!  As conscious real food consumers we make every effort to discover…

  • true and accurate health information
  • unearth the most nutritious options for our respective needs
  • stay informed with honorable cutting-edge research

This week in a valued publication the anti-fat crusade that began in the 1950’s was finally defeated!

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Grass-fed: The real pastured facts

Hello REAL Cheese & Butter Community,

It is a joy to see we are moving beyond organic and inquiring about cow care ‘what are the cows eating… grass or grain?’. These great questions based in traceability excite me and reinforce the collective trend towards responsible real food chooses right for YOU, healthier for the animal, and better for the environment.

In the media matrix there are endless health food claims and overwhelming propaganda messages on how to become super-charged… (it’s so tempting to want to drink the cool-aid and take that little purple pill) BUT instead we stand, pledge and bond together making sense of pure, natural sustainable ways.

So in the spirit of cultivating simple straightforward facts, here is my self-proclaimed expert opinion on why grass-fed is far superior compared to conventional grain-fed:

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The root of the word: BUTTER

Beloved Butter Believers,
What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” This commonly quoted Shakespeare line reminds us that the names of things do not matter, only what things really ‘are’. Now in the case of revealing the true nature of butter I have found that the name is utterly rooted in exactly what it is: BUTYR-ate. Butyrate or butyric acid is (without being to scientific) a short-chain saturated fatty acid. This organic acid is proven to be highly beneficial and butter is 3-4% butyrate, the richest known dietary source.
So in conjunction with naming our favorite therapeutic fat we applaud the supportive role butyrate plays in delivering the following health-giving credits:

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Golden Gift of Spring

It is a blessing to be part of the Farmers Market community as Spring sows all her wonder… enchanting and energizing us!
This time of year everyone is so joyous maybe because we are reminded of the blossoming beauty in nature, open to a new way of being in light and connect to a celebration of life. By being present and living in accordance to the shift of Spring automatically we have the ability to restore balance, detoxify naturally and trust in transformation.
So with this in mind, come join me as we rejoice in a butter whey of life especially NOW when the butter is GOLDEN, nutrient dense, micronutrient rich and divinely delicious!

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Hunt. Gather. Love…

Dear Real Food Hunters and Huntress’!

The passion in your pursuit to be an active participant in the ‘farm to table’ scene is fundamental and noteworthy.

Each week I watch you literally hunt and gather your way through the Farmers Market discovering a deeper sense of self and collective ancestry we share. As we continue to get curious about responsible food production, sensible health, preventative measures, and reconnecting to the joy of eating real food take time to acknowledge that this is a process… a journey that will bring up questions, suspicion, and wonder.

Incorporating traditionally sound food into our modern urban culture is a step in the right direction but unfortunately in contrast to much of what current media fronts and fast-paced society emulates. Thank goodness we see past this productivity ‘junkie’ paradox nevertheless we are living in it and ever and again will need support from each other to simply slow down and listen to the primal wisdom within.

OKAY… now how can we access this intuition nutrition into our own lives?

Just BE and EAT what is true, authentic and real!

Your fully FAT saturated friend,


PS YOU must check out the radiant color of the butter this weekend (brightest burst of yellow I have seen in awhile)!!

  1. rain +
  2. rapidly growing green grass +
  3. happy jersey cows =

Gatekeeper of Spring is stirring….mother nature bearing gifts of her true divine essence

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A butter resolution

Happy New Year!

In addition to January being the most extraordinary month to live in Southern California it is also a timeless moment through which time it self becomes renewed.  There is energy in the air as the new year settles in, a radiance as light returns and the magic of limitless possibility.

I feel excited, awakened… and honestly utterly zealous!  My mind is swirling with so many ideas on how to continue to share my ‘foodie’ lifestyle with you and restore a sense of ancestral wisdom in your kitchen.

Well just by being a part of the farmers market scene you are taking a step towards health and allowing yourself to be present to the beautiful dawn of this new age of food… so thank you for caring about organic, artisanal, local, real food…especially the cheese & butter!

It’s funny because most people would not associate full fatty foods with New Years Resolution… but I DO and you should consider. This year I will redefine nutrition and it’s all about the butter! Like most of you have heard, ‘the cheese is good but the butter will change your life!’

By saying YES to butter (Spring Hill butter from healthy jersey cows eating green grass and enjoying sunshine!) we say YES to SUSTAINABILITY. So ring and sing in this New Year by changing your perspective, being open and most definitely eliminating those diets and detox’s steered by big business market manipulation and modern culture quick fix mentality.

Instead bask in the blissfulness of a sacred traditional food…


Well if I haven’t lost you by now… contemplate the positive benefits.  Honestly I have done the work and research to know this is true and opens the doors to a renewed you!

So if you are still interested in joining my butter ‘bandwagon’ it will be a fun journey and you’ll have to trust me here.

SIMPLE Steps to jump on board:

  • ask me anything at the market, specific questions on your own health needs, use me as a saturated fat/sacred food resource.
  • let me help you clean out your kitchen and renew… think kitchen coach.
  • watch for further reports available at the cheese stand regarding latest info on nutrient dense foods and living in optimized health.
  • Check out my recent ‘MOLD School’ write up and lets get you crafting cheese in your kitchen with friends.

Your butter lovin’ advocate,




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